Saturday, February 23, 2013


I have the week end FREE!!!!

Feels really weird… I miss the fun, meeting people and creating face painting art!!!!!!

It wasn’t planned, but I had a cancellation for tomorrow Sunday, a shame, but couldn’t be helped….

Over the next few weeks/month, I a Fundraiser at Plants On Sturt, Mount Gambier Library Market, a Music Festival, a Birthday Party, Moorak Mini Market, Beachport Market,and a Holden Car Club Meeting…

Anyhoo….. it’s been hot today, so I have stayed inside with the air con on and have been stitching, painting, ripping and more stitching… A Mixed Media Art Journal from a Workshop  called “Ripped and Stitched” by Roben-Marie Smith… I know, it’s not face painting, but Mixed Media Art is another passion of mine…. You can see more here: Rinrinka Mixed Media Art by Bronny

Gosh, I can’t believe it’s only 5 days to March!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did February go???

A reminder, if you would like me to Face Paint at an Event you are planning, BOOK EARLY!!! You can call me on 0431 852 560 or FACE BOOK or email is the best

Have a good week end…… :-)

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