Monday, March 19, 2012

A few ‘snapshots’ of FACE PAINTING & TATTOOS from…

Mount Gambier Library Market  11th March 2011

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you can view more here

I missed my ‘Photographer’ at the Port MacDonnell Craft & Produce Market yesterday, but I managed a few photos… I couldn’t resist taking these…..

IMG_20120318_112510 IMG_20120318_115922 IMG_20120318_124225 IMG_20120318_132519 IMG_20120318_140753

Glitter Tattoos are REALLY popular at Port Mac Market!!! I did a lot more Tattoos…. I had 3 Tattoos being done at one time at one stage…LOL

IMG_20120318_140023  IMG_20120318_140944

It’s shame I couldn’t stop painting to take more photos :-( …. I really enjoy painting at Port Mac Market… the kids are a ‘hoot’… and the people are really friendly….

I can’t even tell you what stalls were there…. I didn’t have time to have a look around…. I know it was busy and the place was packed with creative, yummy produce… I could smell Doughnuts, BBQ, and I’m sure it was garlic from the Butcher…. maybe next month I could have a bit of a look around….

You can check out the RinRinKa – Fantasy Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos website to find out more about our Services and also contact us if you wish to book…. check out the FAQ page here too…

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This weekend I’ll be FACE PAINTING at the Mount Gambier Library Market…. 10am-2pm

and I’m sure it’ll be another busy 4 hours!!!
We have a Long Weekend  (Adelaide Cup.. Public Holiday)….on Monday
I have a few ideas of designs to try out… see how I go!! Love lots of variety!!
I’m expecting a delivery of some gorgeous PEARL and One Strokes this week…. YAY!!!! I’m definitely be using them on Sunday at the Market! Hopefully I can get some good photos.
The last couple of days I have had a craving for Mixed Media Art… inspired by DOLL DREAMS……… collage, paint and cardboard!!!!!I can’t show you yet… hehehe….
I did two face sketches for the cardboard project, and it’s what you would call URBAN ART… and I LOVE IT!!! Just GO FO IT!!!!! Super Fun!! :-)
but with acrylic paint I need to use the blow dryer (frustrating for me)….one thing about FACE PAINT it dries super fast.
I have spent a fair bit of time on Facebook lately, but I love keeping in touch with friends, and I have met a lot of new ones in a Group called Party Planners in The South East…..
I think is a great idea…. now Local Party Planners (eg. Body Shop, Tupperware, Lorraine Lee Linen etc) enter their Business details and ‘Customers’ can find them in Documents under a Category… HEALTH, BEAUTY, HOMEWARES, CRAFT… all LOCALLY…. I think it’s a great way to NETWORK as well, help each other out perhaps when you are sick or have other commitments….
OK, enough chatting, I’m itching to get back to painting…